Is It Morbid To Buy Your Own Casket?

Is it morbid to buy your own casket blog by Overnight Caskets

Why is it that when Morticia Addams discusses death, everyone loves it, but when the rest of us do it, we are “morbid” and “ruining Thanksgiving?”  The short answer is that death is a scary topic, so most people are not comfortable discussing it. Watching morbid TV shows like Six Feet Under or Dexter is … Read more

Funeral Pre-Planning For Millennials

Article from Overnight Caskets about funeral pre-purchasing for millennials

Millennials are, apparently, responsible for the deaths of several large industries, including Applebees,  napkins, “breastaurants,” golf, and homeownership. Yet, surprisingly, Millennials appear to me more “death positive” and accepting of their own mortality than previous generations. More and more apps, startups, and online platforms are allowing Millennials to plan for death in their own way. … Read more

Is it Weird To Pre-Plan Your Own Funeral? – And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Planning

blog post: is it weird to pre-plan your funeral? And other frequently asked questions about pre-planning | Overnight Caskets

Most people have a lot of questions about funerals and pre-planning. It is considered “weird” to talk about one’s own funeral, so there isn’t much information out there about pre-planning. People normally make wedding Pinterest boards years in advance, but no one thinks about funerals much until it is too late. This is one common … Read more

How to Safely Buy a Casket Online

How to safely buy a casket online | Overnight Caskets blog post

Sadly, a lot of things on the internet are fake, including dating profiles, social media accounts, and e-commerce sites. You have probably seen “Wish Fail” compilations where someone ordered a product from and was scammed. The product looked nothing like the photo, couldn’t be returned, and was made of low quality materials. The same … Read more