How it works?

Our Overnight Caskets pre-plan arrangement is simple and easy. We guarantee you a lock-in of today's advertised price. Rest assured, you will not be charged anything extra for the casket when the need arises.

Follow these 3 easy steps to secure your casket arrangement:

  1. Browse our online catalog and select a casket of your liking by adding it to your cart.
  2. Fill out our online form at checkout providing us the purchaser's details, beneficiary's details, and delivery address. If you don't have the delivery address at the time, there is an option to provide it at a later date during the time of need.
  3. A copy of the finalized contract and receipt will be emailed to you. Keep it with you and/or your family.
  4. When the need arises, notify us by phone or email.

This arrangement will never expire. Our Pre-Plan means the price you see today is the price you pay for your casket. Furthermore, the funds from your purchase are then placed in a trust account that cannot be touched until we ship your casket out.