Why You Should Pre-Purchase an Oversized Casket

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes – so do clothes, shoes, chairs, and seatbelts. Caskets do too, as a matter of fact. If you Google “oversized casket,” you are going to find a lot of articles about the “obesity epidemic.” These articles shame people in larger bodies, using caskets to do it. 

It’s true that caskets are a tough topic. Oversized caskets are an even tougher topic. This is why the best thing you can do for your future self is to pre-purchase your own casket. It can be even more beneficial if you want a larger casket.

What is an Oversized Casket?

An oversized casket is exactly what it sounds like. It is a larger than average casket in order to comfortably fit people who are taller or bigger than average. A standard casket is 79in x 23.5 inches on the interior and 81in x 28in x 23.5in on the exterior. The standard casket weighs about 180-200 pounds, depending on what it is made out of. A casket that is considered standard oversized is 78in x 27.5in x 14.5in on the interior. The exterior is 83in x 28in x 23in. A larger casket normally weighs slightly more, normally in the 190 to 220 range because of the extra materials. 

Even if a casket is oversized, it will still look very similar in shape and size to a standard casket. The term “oversized” just refers to the fact that there is more room inside. For example, take the Franklin Antique White Casket with Velvet Pink Interior. It looks just like the PrimRose White and Pink Casket with Pink Velvet Interior, except for the extra inches on the inside. 

In additional to the standard oversized casket, there is also a casket that is extra oversized. This means that the dimensions on the inside are 85.5in x 30.5in x 14.5in. On the outside, the casket is 86in x 31in x 23in and an upwards of 220 pounds in weight. A standard oversized is best for people who need a little more room width-wise. An extra oversized is large enough to accommodate those who are taller and in need of some more room. 

Why Might I Need An Oversized Casket?

Americans are not good at talking about size. Many people don’t want to think too long about the size of their jeans because of how the culture shames those in larger bodies. Most people want to think about the size of their casket even less. 

Here’s why you might want an oversized casket: because not everyone is the same size. Not everyone wears the same shoe size, is the same height, and needs the same things. There are those of us who are tall enough to always get asked “do you play basketball?” There are also those of us whose bodies naturally hold onto fat as a survival mechanism. 

You wouldn’t buy shoes that are three sizes too small. If you are a taller than average person, you probably wouldn’t want to drive a tiny car or rent an apartment with low ceilings that you hit your head on. It’s the same principle when you pre-purchase an oversized casket: it needs to fit you. 

two friends hugging; one friend is slim and wearing a yellow dress, the other is bigger and wearing an orange top | Pre-purchase an oversized casket | Overnight Caskets

For those who have read one of these popular funeral director memoirs, you might have heard stories about funeral directors cramming people into caskets too small for them. This usually has to occur because family refused to buy a larger casket. It’s an unpleasant mental picture. It’s an awkward situation for everyone involved. It is why it pays to pre-purchase an oversized casket; you need the right sized casket for you. 

Why You Should Consider Pre-Purchasing an Oversized Casket

You should consider pre-purchasing a specialty sized casket for the same reason that you would pre-purchase a standard casket: because it is good to be prepared.

There are many benefits to pre-purchasing a casket: 

  1. It is more affordable to do it now. Here’s why: when you pre-plan with Overnight Caskets, you lock in a price before inflation. A casket that is $1,500 now could easily cost $5,000 in 20 years with inflation. Once you pre-purchase an oversized casket, your money and your casket choice are safe until you need them. 
  1. Being prepared is great for you and for your loved ones. Buying a casket in the days after a loss is really hard for any family to do. Paying for it can also be a struggle. When you pre-purchase a casket, you can take care of it ahead of time. It will be less of a burden, both financially and emotionally, for your family.
  1. Pre-purchasing gives you control. It is highly recommended for those who like to have a lot of control over their lives. The truth is that there isn’t much you can control after you pass, but pre-purchasing a casket is the best way to ensure that you get what you want. Pre-purchasing an oversized casket now is how you can be put to rest in the way that you want. 

When it comes to oversized caskets, the importance of pre-purchasing is threefold. No one knows your body better than you. So no one else is as qualified to determine the size of the place where you will spend eternity. Additionally, the first place that many people hear rude comments about their body size is from family members. If your family is constantly critical of your body, maybe they are not the best people to pick out where you will spend eternity. 

4 Reasons to Pre-Purchase a Larger Casket At Overnight Caskets

Overnight Caskets prides ourselves on our selection of caskets, from standard oversized to extra oversized; we have undersized caskets, full-couch caskets, and every color you can think of. As an exclusive online casket retailer, we are able to charge significantly less for caskets than what you would pay at the funeral home. When you pre-purchase an oversized casket online from us, we guarantee the best price, plus free shipping!

  1. When you pre-purchase an oversized casket online from Overnight Caskets, you pay the same price as you would for a standard casket. Many funeral homes will mark up casket prices as much as possible to turn a profit. Funeral homes are notorious for grossly overcharging on oversized caskets. This is often the reason why families opt for a standard casket, even if it is the wrong size for their loved one. 
image of a wood casket in a showroom | pre-purchase a casket online | Overnight Caskets
  1. You are going to spend eternity in your casket, so you should get something you like. This means that you should get a casket that fits you, is a color you like, and has the features that you want. For example, some metal caskets seal, which is very important to some people. Others want a more natural casket, so they choose a wood casket. No one wants to be cramped forever – the same way that no one wants to wear shoes that don’t fit forever. It is important that your casket works for you. If you pre-purchase an oversized casket yourself, you can ensure that you get what you want.
  1. All oversized caskets at Overnight Caskets are just as high-quality and dignified as our standard caskets. There are many instances where people in bigger bodies get the short end of the stick. Bras in larger sizes are usually not available in any fun colors or cute patterns. Similarly, a lot of plus size clothing doesn’t offer as many fashion options, or it just isn’t as pretty as the standard design. This is not the case with caskets. When you pre-purchase an oversized casket, it will be just as colorful, high-quality, and dignified as a casket in any other size. 
  1. Pre-purchasing an oversized casket can help you feel more in control of your life and your mortality. As Ben Franklin said, “in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” No one knows what happens to us after we die, but we know for sure that it will happen. Why not be prepared? 

How Pre-Purchasing a Casket Online Works

It is now possible to buy a lot of things online, including take-out, furniture, clothes, and anything else you would possibly need. It is also easy and convenient to buy a casket online. 

If you are buying a casket at the time of need, you will need to go to the Overnight Caskets main website. If you are pre-purchasing an oversized casket, simply browse the pre-need catalog to find what works for you. 

In addition to the size of the casket, here are a few other factors to consider: 

  • The material: your options are wood or metal. Within that, you can choose between different types of wood and different gauges (thicknesses) of metal. Keep in mind that the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. 
  • The type of couch. “Couch” refers to if the lid of the casket has a split in it. A half-couch casket can be closed at the feet, so that only the top half of the person is visible during the showing. A full-couch does not have a split in the lid, so the entire body of the deceased is visible. 
  • Color: you don’t normally think of caskets as being colorful, but you have many color options when you buy metal caskets. Overnight Caskets carries the traditional wood caskets, as well as pink, white, blue, black, and silver metal caskets. 
  • The seal: certain metal caskets have a gasket seal. This type of casket forms a perfect seal in order to keep out the elements and all moisture. Only metal caskets can have a seal, so if you are interested in a gasket casket, you will need to get a metal casket.
  • Insignias or symbols. Some caskets come with special symbols on the lid. For example, imagery of a cross or of praying hands. For those who are very devout, a casket with symbols of their religion is an ideal choice. 

Once you find a casket that you like, simply click “add to cart” and complete checkout the way you would with any other online purchase. Because you are pre-purchasing, you may not know the intended address at this time. It is okay to leave the address section of the form blank. 

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive paperwork confirming your choice and your payment. Here is the most important thing that you can do: print it out, keep it somewhere safe, and tell your family and friends where you put it. Pre-purchasing an oversized casket does not help anyone if your loved ones don’t know that you pre-purchased, and they buy you a second casket by accident. 

Take Control By Pre-Planning!

Do you like to be prepared? Do you live in a larger body? Pre-purchase an oversized casket today! Not only will you lock in a great price, you get to have control over where you will spend eternity.

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