How to Safely Buy a Casket Online

Sadly, a lot of things on the internet are fake, including dating profiles, social media accounts, and e-commerce sites. You have probably seen “Wish Fail” compilations where someone ordered a product from and was scammed. The product looked nothing like the photo, couldn’t be returned, and was made of low quality materials. The same thing can happen to people who try to order furniture on Amazon. When it arrives, they realize that it was so cheap because it is actually a doll-sized version of a chair. 

Making big purchases online can be a little risky, especially when there are scam websites everywhere. But there are still many USA-based, tried and true companies that sell legitimate, high-quality goods over the internet. The trick is being able to spot real e-commerce websites and distinguish them from the fake ones. 

This article contains 5 tips for how to safely buy a casket online. Buying a casket is a big purchase, whether you are pre-planning or buying for a loved one. Caskets can cost thousands of dollars, and it would be tragic for a company to take your hard-earned money and not provide you with the product that you paid for. Similarly, pre-planning does involve a lot of trust because you are putting money towards a casket. You are also trusting that the company will come through for your family when the time comes. 

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5 Tips To Safely Buy a Casket Online

Don’t worry! If you are thinking about pre-purchasing a casket, here’s how you can avoid scams and weed out fake websites. 

1) Read the Reviews 

When buying anything online, the reviews will be your best friend. On most websites, like Yelp, the business can’t remove negative reviews, so what you read is accurate. Lots of positive reviews show that the products are good and customers received what they expected. If an online purchase was low-quality, then a review will tell you about it. 

When you pre-plan, you want to make sure that all your plans will go smoothly for your loved ones. Even if you won’t be the one to unbox your purchase, reading the reviews can be very beneficial to you as well. Through reviews, you can receive valuable information about your casket. You can also ensure that your family members won’t be stuck in a bind. Knowing that previous buyers were happy with their loved ones’ casket is a good sign that your family will also be happy with your pick. 

2) Do a Reverse Image Search Using Images on the Website

Another trick to safely buy a casket online is to double check that the product images. This will tell you if they are real or stolen. Many scam websites, especially for clothing, will steal photos from other websites. Then they will pretend that they are selling that same item. When it comes to clothing, this giveaway is a little easier to spot. Fake fashion websites will often use selfies taken by random influencers as product photos. 

One way to tell if a casket company is legit is to look at the photos of the products. Do they match? Are the backgrounds the same? Are they of the same quality? If a website has photos of caskets with the same backdrop and same style, then the website is likely legitimate. Matching product photos show that the company hired a product photographer to showcase their caskets. If the product photos of the caskets look to be from all different places and against different backdrops, then those product photos were likely stolen. 

Another trick with photos is to run it through a Google reverse image search. It simply involves downloading it then dropping it into the search engine. This will bring up other photos on the web that are identical to that one. It will also show you what websites they are one. If a photo of a casket is on multiple websites, then one of those companies probably stole the photo. Scam websites almost always steal product photos to pass off as legitimate products. However, if a business as two different websites that could account for image overlap. For example, Overnight Caskets has the main website and the pre-need website. If it is the same company with the photos, then it is probably okay. 

3) Contact the Company With Questions

If it is a scam, then you will have difficulty finding a phone number or contact info anywhere on the website. And if you do try to contact them, then they will either never respond or give you the runaround. On the other hand, real businesses that sell high-quality products where you get what you pay for, will be easy to contact. A real person will answer the phone or email you back with a detailed response.  

For example, you can easily find Overnight Caskets’ contact info proudly displayed on the Contact Us tab. Our 24/7 toll-free number is also displayed all over the website, along with our email address. Overnight Caskets welcomes questions and concerns from both customers and anyone who is curious about how to safely buy a casket online. If you have any questions about the funeral planning process, questions about our caskets, or need help navigating the online purchasing process, please contact us an a representative will be happy to answer all your questions. 

4) Look for Trustpilot and BBB Reviews 

Scam e-commerce websites will not be verified by independent consumer resource websites because their products do not pass muster. Similarly the Better Business Bureau will not put its stamp of approval on businesses that are out to scam their customers with fake products and faulty goods. 

If you want to know whether an online casket retailer is real or not, look for the Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau badges on the website. On the Overnight Caskets main website – where you can also purchase affordable, high-quality burial vaults and headstones – our BBB and Trust pilot badges are easy to locate at the top of the webpage. For the pre-need website, where you can easily pre-purchase your own casket, our BBB and Trustpilot badges are located at the bottom of the webpage. 

5) Analyze the Website 

Most people are tech-savvy enough to know when a retail website is and isn’t maintained. Sketchy websites often have annoying pop ups, ads everywhere, and are hard to navigate. They also might have links that don’t work and very few webpages with little detail. Bad grammar on the webpages is a sign that it was written by a bot. 

Fake websites won’t have a complete and thorough FAQ page to explain shipping details, company policies, and business practices. While these details are small, they matter a great deal when you need to safely buy a casket online. 

Another “tell” to look for is if the company freely discusses it’s business model and its story. Scam websites won’t have a company story, a pitch, or a description of its policies. This is because they are there to scam you, not help you pre-plan your funeral. You can usually find information about the company on an About Us tab. 

For example, if you visit the pre-need website for Overnight Caskets, you will find our website very easy to navigate with no annoying pop ups or misleadings ads. On our About Us tab, you will find that Overnight Caskets was started because we felt that it wasn’t right for funeral homes to price gouge grieving families. We wanted to give families and individuals more options for buying caskets and pre-planning at affordable prices. Through our partnerships with multiple casket suppliers, manufacturers, and over shipping carriers, we are able to provide customers all over the US with affordable, high-quality caskets – whenever they might need them. 

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Similarly, Overnight Caskets is completely transparent about our business model. If you are wondering how our caskets are so affordably, it is because we do not have the overhead that funeral homes do. Most funeral homes need to maintain a fleet of hearses as well their building and extras such as a rose garden or on-site chapel, which they pay for by severely marking up the prices of caskets. Because Overnight Caskets is an online retailer, we don’t have the steep overhead of a brick and mortar store. So when we save money, we pass those savings onto you. No markups and no price gouging. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Casket Online?

Buying a casket online, whether for yourself or for a loved one, is the most affordable way to buy a casket. Not only are caskets more affordable than at the funeral home, you will be able to shop in peace without any sales people. Online shopping for a casket also allows you to take your time to make a financially responsible decision. You will be able to shop at your own leisure in the comfort of your own home, while doing your research and comparing prices. 

Browsing the Overnight Caskets catalog is easy and stress free. You have the freedom to make the best choice for yourself and your family, without a sales person trying to upsell you. At no point will you be told that you have to buy a package when all you want is just a casket. Nor will a sales person guilt trip you to spend thousands more with the “it’s what they would have wanted” line. When you safely buy a casket online with Overnight Caskets, it’s all about what you need – not about some sales person’s monthly quotas. 

If you are pre-planning your funeral by pre-purchasing a casket, buying online is the best way to go. Online pre-planning allows you to take your time to personalize your own funeral. No one plans a wedding with a single visit, so why do funeral directors pressure you to plan out your funeral in a single visit? The more peaceful online shopping experience also gives you time to talk to friends and family members about your decisions. 

Why You Should Pre-Purchase a Casket

Pre-purchasing a casket has several added benefits over waiting until the time comes and leaving your family members to handle it. For one, pre-purchasing allows you to lock in a price now before inflation, which can save your family a lot of money. Remember how candy used to cost 10 cents at the corner store and now it’s over ten times that; imagine what will happen to the cost of caskets in the next ten years. 

Pre-purchasing a casket also allows you to be prepared. Things like death, taxes, and dishes are inevitable in life, so you might as well plan ahead for them. Not only will you save your family from a great deal of anguish, you can also pick out something that you like. 

Are You Ready To Safely Buy a Casket Online? 

If you are ready to start pre-planning for yourself, check out our catalog of affordable, high-quality caskets. If you have questions, feel free to call our 24/7 toll-free number or contact us by email or over online chatbot. 

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